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Jordan Brush Between brush in use

Interdental brushes

A healthy mouth plays an important role in keeping your body healthy. Interdental brushes are very efficient cleaning tools and come in different sizes suitable for all ages and interdental spaces. They are also specialist brushes for those of us who have braces, have some form of gum diseases or infections, or have undergone gingival surgery. If you have orthodontic braces, it is even more important that you clean thoroughly to prevent plaque from building up between and around the metal wires. Interdental brushes are designed to clean close to the brackets and under the wires.  Jordan Clinic Brush Between interdental brushes have a unique bristle cut - WaveCut ™. The tapered shape is designed to easily enter the interdental space and  to clean around the teeth corners.  Once in between the bristles are shorter giving you maximum friction and brushing action in th interproximal spacebetween your teeth.  in the interproximal space . On retracting the brush the bristles sweep the back corners of the teeth and gum line. The wire is also coated with plastic, which makes it flexible so it is gentle to your gums and enamel but still strong. The soft rubber handle is designed to give you a comfortable, controlled hold, and even when wet it is not slippery. The brushes are sold in a zip lock bag that is convenient to store. There are 10 brushes in each bag and it also includes a hygienic cap which is convenient to use when transporting the brush. Each size is in a different color. Find the size that best suits you.

  • Clinic Brush Between XS

    Clinic Brush Between XS

    Extra small size has a wire diameter of 0,4mm and a bristle diameter of 2,5mm*
  • Clinic Brush Between S

    Clinic Brush Between S

    Small (S) has a wire diameter of 0,5mm and a bristle diameter of 3mm
  • Clinic Brush Between M

    Clinic Brush Between M

    Medium (M) has a wire diameter of 0,6mm and a bristle diameter of 3,5mm
  • Clinic Brush Between L

    Clinic Brush Between L

    Large (L) has a wire diameter of 0,7mm and a bristle diameter of 4mm
  • Clinic Brush Between XL

    Clinic Brush Between XL

    Extra Large ( XL)  has a wire diameter of  0,8mm and a bristle diameter of 5mm